Shipfinder API

Shipfinder, via Shipfinder API(Application Programming Interface), embeds ships position and map in user's business system or website simply and easily, helps users to create vessel management and monitoring system

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Ship Search Interface, is an interface for users to get Shipfinder unique ShipID of any ship. Users can get ShipID with “Ship Name”, “Call Sign”, “IMO number”, “MMSI”

API Call
Parameter name Description
v Version Number:Version number is 2
k API Key :API key provided by Shipfinder (Authorization Key)
enc Feedback Type :0 - Binary Base64 encoding, 1 - Json. Default Value: 1
kw Key Word:Ship parameter, Ship Name/Call Sign/MMSI/IMO workable
max Max feedback of the request, should be not more than 100
jsf Name of the function to be added outside the feedback result.


▪ JSON Response

♢ Sample

{ "status":0, "data":[ { "MatchType":1, "ShipID":412569879, "From":1, "mmsi":412569879, "shiptype":54, "imo":0, "name":"COSCO", "callsign":"11111", "lasttime":1479162967 },{ "MatchType":1, "ShipID":368998997, "From":1, "mmsi":368998997, "shiptype":0, "imo":0, "name":"COSCO", "callsign":"2233355", "lasttime":1445835488 },{ "MatchType":1, "ShipID":413004439, "From":1, "mmsi":413004439, "shiptype":71, "imo":0, "name":"COSCO", "callsign":"910", "lasttime":1403231537 } ] }

♢ Response Fields

Parameter name Type Description
MatchType byte Matching type:
1-Ship Name; 2-Call Sign;3-MMSI; 5-IMO
ShipID uint64 Ship ID
From uint32 Source of the data:
0-Coastal AIS receiver;1-Statellite AIS receiver
mmsi uint32 MMSI
shiptype uint16 As per ship type code in API Documentation
imo uint32 0= Not available (default)
name string Ship Name
callsign string Call Sign
lasttime int64 Unix timestamp

▪ Binary response

Parameter name Type Description
dataLength uint32 Length of the data
dataType uint16 Type of the data :Definition as per in API Documentation
resultcount uint32 Count of result
matchType byte Match type :1-Ship Name;2-Call Sig;3-MMSI;5-IMO number